2XH FE180

2XH FE180

XLPE Insulated LSZH Sheathed 0.6 / 1 kV Halogen Free, Flame Retardant and Fire Resistant Underground Cables

Application Area

As an energy cable used at, industrial areas, switchgears , underground facilities, main city networks, business centers, shopping centers, hotels, tunnels , schools , and places like those which fi re and toxic fume may create danger for human health. Suitable for underground and external use.

Technical Data

Min. bending radius  : 12xD
Max. operating temperature  : 90°C
Max. short circuit temperature : 250°C


1.  Conductor : EN 60228 Class 1-2 Copper
2.  Tape  : Mica Glass Tape
3. Insulation : XLPE VDE 0276-604 (HD 604) Tip 2XI1
4. Filler  : LSZH
5. Sheath  : LSZH Compound VDE 276-604 (HD 604) Tip HM4

Applicable Standards

TS HD 604.S1
VDE 0276-604
Alev geciktirici seviyesi: IEC 60332-1-2
(Flame Retardant Level)
Yangına dayanıklılık seviyesi: Devre Bütünlüğü FE180:
IEC 60331-21
(Fire Resistant Level: Circuit Integrity FE180)
Alev Yayılımı Testi: IEC 60332-3-24
(Flame Propagation Test)
Duman Yoğunluğu Testi: IEC 61034-2
(Smoke Density Test)
Korozif Gaz Testi: IEC 60754-2
(Test on Corrosiveness Combustion Gases)
Halojensizlik Testi: IEC 60754-1
(Halogen Free Test)
Mekanik Şoklu Devre Bütünlüğü Testi (PH 120):
EN 50200
Circuit Integrity with Shock Test (PH 120

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