Application Area

Used in energy networks in hotels, schools, tun- nels, high buildings, hospitals, power plants, data processing centers, business centers where there is a risk of fi re. These cables with a low di- electric loss coupled with mechanical resitance are mainly used in energy networks with sud- den load change residential or industrial areas. Can be laid outdoors, under grounds and in areas where sudden mechanical stresses are expected.

Technical Data

Min. bending radius  : 12xD
Max. operating temperature  : 90°C
Max. short circuit temperature : 250°C


1.  Conductor : EN 60228 Class 1-2 Copper
2.  lnsulation : XLPE BS 7655-1-3 Type GP8,VDE 276-604
(HD604) Type 2XI1
3. Filler  : LSZH
4. Armour  : Galvanized round steel wire
5. Sheath  : LSZH Compound BS 7655-6.1 Type LTS1, VDE276-604
(HD 604) Type HM4

Applicable Standards

TS IEC 60502-1 / TS HD 604
IEC 60502-1
VDE 276-604
BS 6724

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