(N)2XCH FE180

(N)2XCH FE180

0.6 / 1 kV XLPE Insulated LSZH Sheathed Halogen Free, Flame Retardant and Fire Resistant Underground Cables with Concentric Conductor Screen / (N)2XCH FE180 / 2XCH FE180

Application Area

As an energy cable used at, industrial areas, switchgears , underground facilities, main city networks, business centers, shopping centers, hotels, tunnels , schools , and places like those which fi re and toxic fume may create danger for human health. Suitable for underground and external use. In case of mechanical damage, the screen prevents any damage due to power leak to the surrounding area.

Technical Data

Min. bending radius  : 12xD
Max. operating temperature  : 90°C
Max. short circuit temperature : 250°C


1.  Conductor : EN 60228 Class 1-2 Copper
2.  Tape  : Mica Glass Tape
3. Insulation : XLPE VDE 0276-604 (HD 604) Tip 2XI1
4. Filler  : LSZH
5. Screen : Concentric copper wires and protective copper tape
6. Sheath  : LSZH Compound VDE 276-604 (HD 604) Tip HM4

Applicable Standards

TS HD 604.S1
VDE 0276-604
Alev geciktirici seviyesi: IEC 60332-1-2
(Flame Retardant Level)
Yangına dayanıklılık seviyesi: Devre Bütünlüğü FE180:
IEC 60331-21
(Fire Resistant Level: Circuit Integrity FE180)
Alev Yayılımı Testi: IEC 60332-3-24
(Flame Propagation Test)
Duman Yoğunluğu Testi: IEC 61034-2
(Smoke Density Test)
Korozif Gaz Testi: IEC 60754-2
(Test on Corrosiveness Combustion Gases)
Halojensizlik Testi: IEC 60754-1
(Halogen Free Test)
Mekanik Şoklu Devre Bütünlüğü Testi (PH 120):
EN 50200
Circuit Integrity with Shock Test (PH 120

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