300/500 V PVC Insulated Multi-Core Cables

Application Area

Fixed wiring in damp premises where

mechanical stresses will not be experienced.

Can be installed in conduits, on or under

plaster and on insulators over plaster,

switching and distribution panels.

Technical Data

Min. bükülme yarıçapı  : 4xD

Maks. çalışma sıcaklığı  : 70°C

Maks. kısa devre sıcaklığı  : 160°C



  1. Conductor  : EN 60228 Class 1-2 Copper
  2. Insulation  : PVC, TS 9756 (HD 21.1.S4) TI1
  3. Filler  : PVC
  4. Sheath  : PVC, TS 9756 (HD 21.1.S4) TM1



Applicable Standards

TS 9759, HD 21.4, VDE 250

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