0.6/1 kV pvc Insulated, Single Core Cables with Copper Conductor / NYY

Application Area

Used as lighting and power distribution cable. Installed in areas where severe mechanical stress is avoided. Can be laid indoors, outdoors, buried or in cable tranches.

Technical Data

Min. bending radius  : 15xD
Max. operating temperature : 70°C
Short circuit temperature  : Cross section<300mm²  160°C
Short circuit temperature  : Cross section >300mm²  140°C t<=5 s


  1. Conductor : EN 60228 Class 1-2 Copper
  2. Insulation : PVC, IEC 60502-1 PVC/A
  3. Sheath : PVC, IEC 60502-1 ST1

Applicable Standards

TS IEC 60502-1, IEC 60502-1, VDE 0276

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